RL4: NYU Lawyer Turned Psychotherapist and Author, Will Meyerhofer


In this show, I introduce my new partner in crime and co-host, Keith Lee! I am so happy to have Keith as a collaborator. He’s a regular contributor at Above the Law  and Associate’s Mind.

Our guest today is Will Meyerhofer. Will has a degree from Harvard and NYU Law School. He started his career at Sullivan & Cromwell – a BigLaw job that would be envious to many lawyers. Yet, he left behind the prestige, the paycheck in exchange to become a psychotherapist and writer. As he puts it, he chose to become comfortable with poverty and humility then took the leap to follow his dream.

We talk a lot about authenticity and courage on this show but Will truly embodies and models this. You can just tell from listening to him that he truly loves his life and is doing the work he was meant to do in the world. It took many years of struggle, hard work, and suffering but he’s tapped into his genius and is now doing something that gives him joy everyday.

In this episode, we covered a lot of topic, including his story, problems with law school education, student loan debt, what it takes to succeed in BigLaw, why so many lawyers are so miserable, just to mention a few.

PS – If you listen closely, you can hear Will’s sweet dog snoring in the background. 😉

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