[Book Club] Week 1

Week 1

Week One — Body Scan Meditation

0.1 Hour (6 minutes)

0.4 Hour (24 minutes)

Access additional Guided Meditation [Password: Mindfulness2016]

Beginning to Meditate

This week, you’ll begin your meditation practice. Spend some time figuring out the following:

  • Where to practice
  • When
  • Length of daily practice

It’s helpful to have an open and curious attitude towards yourself as you go through this program. Imagine that you are a scientist, studying your own mind. Meditation is a wonderful tool to use for increasing self-knowledge and awareness.

This week, we’ll be practicing the Body Scan as our meditation practice (described on pg., 56). For our informal practice, we’ll practice “mindful showering.” For details on how to do this practice, please see page 58, Mindful Showering.

You can order a copy of The Anxious Lawyer on Amazon.

This Week’s Reading

  • Week One—Beginning to Meditate (pg., 37-58)


This program is made possible by NAWL and generously sponsored by Seyfarth Shaw LLP