The Book Is Here!

TheAnxiousLawyer_cov_finalTHE BOOK IS HERE! Labor of love, product of lots of courage, trust and hard work — it is here.

Over the past five years, I’ve made it my work to help lawyers cultivate a joyful and fulfilling law practice using meditation and mindfulness.

All of the tools, practices, and ideas that have made the most dramatic difference in my life are now all in one place, for you, in The Anxious Lawyer book, published by the American Bar Association.

As you read, you’ll go on an 8 week journey–to deeply connect with your intentions, desires, and pause to reflect on your purpose and mission in life. You’ll learn how to increase self-regulation, be more in control of your emotions/feelings, and step into your law practice with authenticity and courage. You’ll learn practical ways that I’ve used meditation and mindfulness to create a saner and happier law practice.

What’s in the book — Contents

  • Introduction
  • Getting Ready to Meditate
  • Week One: Beginning to Meditate
  • Week Two: Mindfulness
  • Week Three: Clarity
  • Week Four: Compassion Toward Others
  • Week Five: Self-Compassion
  • Week Six: Mantra Repetition
  • Week Seven: Heartfulness
  • Week Eight: Gratitude
  • Taking Your Practice Forward

I’ve been so moved by what people are saying about the book.

“The right book at the right time – a clear, concise guide to meditation, written by two successful lawyers who used these techniques to better their own lives and careers.  Perfect for that skeptical attorney who wants to dip a toe in the water.  Cho and Gifford have produced a guide to meditation that leaves you eager to start right away.”

– Will Meyerhofer, Psychotherapist, former lawyer and author of Way Worse Than Being a Dentist: The Lawyer’s Quest for Meaning

As an attorney who has struggled with substance use, eating disorders and other mental health issues,  mindfulness has been an invaluable tool in my recovery. It is great to see Jeena and Karen leading the way with The Anxious Lawyer.

– Brian Cuban, author of Shattered Image, My Triumph Over Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Much more than a how-to manual or text, the book speaks to the reader as a friend while providing amazingly useful insights. It reveals how meditation can help us find satisfaction and fulfillment in law as well as in life.”
– Ellen Beilock, Mindfulness teacher and facilitator, former lawyer and litigator, former mediator at UCSF


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