[RTD] Day 16 – Serendipity


Trip update:

  • Monday, 6/15/2015 – I’m headed to Charlotte, NC and will stay there working on my book, interviewing lawyers until Thursday.
  • Friday, 6/19/2015, I’ll be in Atlanta, GA leading a workshop.
  • Monday, 6/22/2015, I’ll be in Chicago, IL, and offering a workshop at the Chicago Bar Association.

If I’ll be in your hometown, please drop me an email: smile@theanxiouslawyer.com. Trip itinerary can be found here

  1. the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

Warm greetings from Charleston, SC! I mean that quite literally. It’s been in the high 90’s and very humid. My husband came out from San Francisco to join me for part of my trip and we spent a better part of today indoors in air conditioning.

I had a wonderful time in Orlando, FL. HUGE thanks to Lori Patton for letting me stay with her and for putting an event together. This trip has been a real lesson in believing in kindness and support from friends. She was so kind and generous with her time. I had a blast hanging out with her husband and their blow-your-mind intelligent, thoughtful and sweet son.

I took the opportunity to take a side trip to Tampa, FL to visit couple of friends I’ve lost touch with. When I left (or escaped) Tampa almost a decade ago, I was emotionally in a really bad place. I was in a deep depression after my boyfriend unexpectedly broke up with me. After the break-up, I managed to f-up a lot of other relationships. So, this felt therapeutic, to reconnect with lost friends. It was also rather serendipity that I connected with these friends over Facebook and they were in town.

Dineen Pashoukos Wasylik and her husband, Michael, who I know from Solosez and Facebook was kind enough to join me for lunch during my short detour in Tampa. Thanks Dineen and Michael!

This entire trip has been full of serendipity. An Orlando bankruptcy attorney, Liz McCausland happened to email me after reading my Above The Law article, just a week before I was scheduled to be in Orlando. Liz  joined Lori and I for dinner and also stopped by my workshop.

I met Rick Baker is a former lawyer turned marketing expert for lawyers who rather conveniently had all the audio and video equipment to be able to record my workshop. I’m rarely impressed by lawyer marketing guru types but Rick totally blew me out of the water. He’s a musician, plays the guitar so he really had an amazing command of the technology. We spent the afternoon recording a podcast, guided meditation and couple of videos. (Check out Rick’s handy work in the video below.)

Carole Bess, also a bankruptcy lawyer joined us for the podcast recording. We immediately did a deep dive and started the conversation talking about death. Another theme that came up a lot is whether there is a reason for the things that happen in our life. Are life events random or is it part of some grand plan?

I’ve been pondering this question a lot on this trip because in many ways, the entire journey has been a chain of serendipity.

Just like my interaction with Liz, I’ve had other lawyers I connected with on Twitter, Facebook and email that I’ll be meeting in person along my journey. I don’t believe in destiny but it’s fun to allow myself to get into the flow of these strange life’s serendipity.

What do you think? Do you believe that things happen for a reason?

Lori and her son in Orlando, FL.
In Tampa, FL, visiting a friend and her adorable baby. Isn't she the cutest?
In Tampa, FL, visiting a friend and her adorable baby. Isn’t she the cutest?
Speaking of death, I love walking through cemeteries.  - Savannah, GA
Speaking of death, I love walking through cemeteries. – Savannah, GA