[RTD] Day 21- Authenticity

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It’s very late 1:51 AM and I’m staying at an airbnb with a lovely couple in Nashville, TN. I wanted to write to you and capture some reflections since my last update. Earlier today, I was in Atlanta, GA to do a workshop at Baker Donelson. Unexpectedly, Jeffrey Haskin, an Atlanta attorney, who has taken one of my Webinars emailed me and asked if I could stop by at the Georgia annual conference so he can introduce me to the CLE Executive Director. Even though it would mean an hour detour, I decided to stop by. I really hit it off with the director and it looks like I’ll be back in Georgia in early 2016 to do either a half or full day workshop. Talk about synchronicity.

I have so many people I need to thank!

Russ DeMott and his wife, Rita came out to dinner with me and my husband, Jeff Curl to dinner in Savannah, GA. The next night, he invited us over to his house and made us delicious burgers. I can’t thank you enough!

After Savannah, GA, we drove up to Charleston, SC and spent a couple of days there. It was a lovely town but it was unseasonably hot.

Susanne Robicsek in Charlotte, NC for hosted me and my husband. I met one of Susanne’s neighbor who is a disbarred attorney and I had a chance to interview him for my podcast. Stay tuned. It was a super interesting story and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.

I connected with some really interesting lawyers in Charlotte including Brian Heslin, Chris Osborn, and Cathy Killian, therapist from Legal Assistance Program (LAP).

In Atlanta, I met Jennifer Romig, Jung Moo Lee, and Stephanie Everett. Thank you for indulging my Korean food craving. 🙂

I’ve had so many lawyers share with me in such an authentic and vulnerable manner their many struggles with managing the difficulties of practicing law. I am deeply grateful. Many shared struggles with severe stress/anxiety, adult ADHD, depression, and in few cases, thoughts of suicide.

There’s a sense of my heart gently breaking open to make room for all that I’ve been absorbing. I’m headed to Chicago, Minneapolis, Des Moines, and Colorado. Whew!

That’s all for now. 🙂

Enjoying beer with my husband, Jeff Curl, Russ and Rita DeMott.