RL11: Karen Johnson-McKewan, Partner at Orrick on Why She Loves Practicing Law and Tips on Creating a Healthy Work Environment


This week I sat down to interview Karen Johnson-McKewan, a Intellectual Property partner in Orrick’s San Francisco office.

We covered various topics including:

  • why she loves practicing law
  • creating a supportive environment for women lawyers
  • women network, creating opportunities for one another
  • advice on deciding whether to stay or leave a job
  • balancing work-life balance
  • ways law firm can support parenthood
  • role of technology in law
  • future of Biglaw

We’ll be offering workshops on how to become a better lawyer by increasing resiliency, using emotional intelligence and mindfulness in June. Itinerary includes Miami, FL, Atlanta, GA and of course, Birmingham, AL where Keith is located from June 4th – June 17th. If you’re interested in having us offer workshops at your law firm, contact us at questions@resilientlawyer.com.

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Karen Johnson-McKewan