RL 30: Kelly Erb – From Tax Lawyer to Senior Managing Editor at Forbes; Women in Tax Law; Motherhood

Today, we have Kelly Erb back on the show. I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly back in March at the ABA TECHSHOW. Since we met, Kelly has made the leap from law practice to full time editor at Forbes! As always, Kelly was so generous with her advice. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I do!

Links Mentioned:

What a Female Mid-Life Crisis Looks Like

Topics Covered:

  • Cultivating a writing habit
  • Why being audited by the IRS made Kelly become a better tax attorney
  • How to deal with criticism and negative online comments
  • How “Taxgirl” came about
  • Working for free for exposure
  • Why aren’t there more women tax lawyers?
  • Questions to consider when deciding to have kids
  • How to get to know who you are

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