RL 19: Yasmina Porter, Mindfulness Teacher and Dating Coach

Yasmina Porter is a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher and also a dating coach. She shares her insights on finding the right person. Also, she shares a deeply personal story about working with a lawyer through her divorce.

Topics covered:

– What is a dating coach?
– Why loving yourself makes you more attractive
– Loving Kindness practice – what it is, why you should practice it
– Why Loving Kindness practice is good for businesses
– Racial bias in the legal profession
– What lawyers can do to help clients when you lose
– How harming others impact you
– Why women shouldn’t chase men
– Happiness practices to help you find the love you want
– Be who you really are and you’ll attract the right people
– How to create a habit
– Knowing the power of your intention
– Secret to being happier
​- Why being a meditator may be a good thing
– Just one minute of meditation is just enough
You can email Yasmina at mindfuldatingcoach@gmail.com

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