RL 13: Janet Herman – MoFo, Balancing Lawyering and Motherhood

In this episode, Jeena and Keith talk about the decision to have (or not have children), balancing parenthood with being a lawyer. Jeena sat down with Janet Herman from Mofo. She’s the Director of Attorney Development.

Topics Covered and Links 😉

  1. Transitioning from being a lawyer to attorney development.
  2. Balancing motherhood and being a lawyer.
  3. Why aren’t there more women partners in Biglaw?
  4. Why Some Men Pretend to Work 80-Hour Weeks (HBR article)
  5. Trends in Biglaw
  6. What they don’t teach you in law school but should
  7. A Short Guide to a Happy Life (Anna Quindlen) (Affiliate link)


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