Mindfulness Training for Law Firms

Thank you for considering our services as a mindfulness and resiliency instructors at your law firm. We are passionate about helping our profession create and sustain a sense of wellness, civility and resiliency. Our programs are designed by practicing lawyers, and tailored specifically for lawyers and law firms.


Our work for your firm can be general or tailored to meet your firm’s needs. Topics can include:

  • Tools for avoiding burn-out.
  • Coping with stress.
  • Strategies for increasing self-care and wellness.
  • Increasing productivity and focus.
  • Improving partner/associate relationships.
  • Improving attorney/staff relationships.
  • Working with difficult people – opposing counsel, clients, witnesses, or judges.
  • Developing and implementing routines for an entire firm or particular practice group.
  • Mindfulness and meditation.


Some of the goals and benefits that we can work toward:

  • Happier workers means a higher retention rate and more productivity (for example, retaining just 10 attorneys for an extra one year, and billing 1,800 hours each at $350/hr. = $6,350,000 in non-disrupted revenue). Please note that the aim is to help create an environment that attorneys and staff flock to, not to squeeze another year out of an unhappy employee who’s on the fence about leaving.
  • Changing a firm culture one step at a time. Many staff and attorneys find big law alienating and depressing. Firms have deeply entrenched cultures that lead to these feelings, and this workshop is just one method and step for working toward a healthier work environment.
  • Wellness and lifestyle considerations are a perk that associates respond to. Many firms are reporting associates rejecting high value economic incentives to bill more hours; attorneys don’t need more money, they crave more balance and autonomy.
  • Earn the reputation of the firm that cares about its employees.
  • Develop the competitive advantage that comes with more focused employees and a healthier work environment.

Our services includes the following:

  • One hour stand alone sessions
  • One hour Continuing Legal Education on the following topics: ethics, maintaining wellness, mental health, having difficult conversation, mentoring, and working with vexing people.
  • Half day workshops: Including dyad and group exercises, mindfulness and meditation practice, plus choice topics described above.
  • Full day workshops: Including walking and sitting meditation, body scan/ body awareness exercise, tools for increasing resilience, happiness and mindfulness exercises.
  • Leading law firm retreats.
  • Ongoing weekly meditation sessions: 30 minute meditation sessions (20 minutes of sitting meditation and 10 minutes of discussion)
  • Eight week training on mindfulness and building resilience.
  • Consulting services.

For more information, please contact Jeena Cho or complete the form below (smile@theanxiouslawyer.com)

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