[RTD] Day 8 – Kindness and Trust


If I’ll be in your hometown, please drop me an email. I’d love to connect with you! smile@theanxiouslawyer.com. Trip itinerary can be found here

Whoa. How quick time passes. I’m already a full week into the 7-week journey. After Ft. Lauderdale, I spent two nights in Miami and now I’m in Orlando, staying with fellow bankruptcy lawyer, Lori Patton. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the kindness of people on this journey. There’s a gentle openness that I can sense as I start to trust this journey and the goodness of people.

About a week ago, I received an email from a Miami attorney, David Jove. He’s a long time meditator (over 40 years!) and he was kind enough to reach out to me when he saw I was going to be in Miami. He invited me to dinner and insisted on taking me to the best Cuban restaurant. He was absolutely correct!

I didn’t even look at the menu. He just ordered all the best dishes. We ate, talked, laughed and shared a deep, heart felt connection. There’s something so special about David – his warmheartedness, his authenticity, and his gentleness. It felt as though we covered every topic under the sun, including meditation and law practice, challenges of being a lawyer, marriage, family, just to name a few. I felt as though we have been long time friends. I felt so fortunate to connect with him and grateful for him reaching out to me. Thanks David!

Last Thursday, David Shulman who I know from Solosez and Facebook was kind enough to keep me company for dinner on my last night in Ft. Lauderdale. We enjoyed a delicious Asian-Fusion meal, sitting outside overlooking the ocean and watched the sky turn wild colors of red and orange as the sunset. We got to know each other a little better and I’m super grateful.

Friday, I drove down to Miami, FL and enjoyed a lovely dinner with Judge McAliley and Professor Scott Rogers. Both practioners of mindfulness and mediation.

Saturday, Brian Tannebaum, fellow ABA co-author arranged a delightful dinner with a group of wonderful people for lunch. He’s the author of The Practice: Brutal Truths About Lawyers and Lawyering (affiliate link).

Sunday morning, I connected with Maria Papasakelariou (Hi, Maria!!!). She’s a 3L at Florida International University College of Law. I was totally blown away by Maria. She has so much wisdom and self-knowledge. I couldn’t help but to reflect back on my law school experience as well as my 20’s. She was so sweet, bringing me a pear to eat before we headed off to Bikram yoga class. She insisted on buying me coffee and coconut water. She even brought me a little gift to keep me company on my journey.

We talked and talked. I have no doubt we could spend days talking and we’d still have more to talk about. 🙂

My heart broke open a bit more as I allowed her kindness and warmth to radiate in me. Thank you, Maria. I have so much hope for our profession knowing you’re out there.

On my way up to Orlando, I connected with my high school crush. It was such a strange feeling connecting with someone I knew when I was 16 – over two decades have passed since we first met. There was a sense that he was part of the fabric that made up who I am, our shared history, and a feeling of knowing where I am because he knows me. In many ways, I feel like a different person, yet, it feels important to know that he’s a witness to who I was then – and who I am now.

Our meeting was brief, just over an hour and as I struggled to make conversation, gently sidestepping many topics that I knew we didn’t or couldn’t make space for. Yet, wanting to “go there.” But how do you catch-up with someone who you haven’t seen in over a decade in such a short period? So, I just sat and enjoyed his company, feeling fortunate to have this time and space together.

This trip is teaching me to have faith in people – in humanity. To show up as my most kind self and allowing the kindness of others into my life. I feel humbled.