RL8: Immigration Attorney, Grace Alano – How I Found My Singing Voice


Our guest for this episode is my good friend Grace Alano, a lawyer whose practice is devoted to immigration and visa services, including applications for permanent residence and preparation of all temporary visa petitions, applications for naturalization, applications for political asylum and U visas, and providing strategic planning advice.

She is active in the local San Francisco community through her teaching and her work on various boards. She also provides pro bono legal services through the Volunteer Immigration Program of the San Francisco Bar Association and the AIDS Legal Referral Panel.

We chatted about solo practice, managing difficult emotions, and finding that elusive work-life balance. She also shared with us how she incorporates fun and joy into her life.

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Timeline of the Show’s Topics 😉

  • 02:02 : Recognizing that lawyers do not have to practice just law and can have a multi-dimensioned life by using their other innate talents,
  • 04:17 : Letting your clients tell their story and how it can help the client-attorney relationship,
  • 07:56 : What vicarious trauma is and the actions and ways we can help people who go through this experience,
  • 12:31 : What made her get into immigration law and the importance of having the self-knowledge to pursue a practice area which fits her talents,
  • 16:33 : Cases which brought her instant joy and the prospect of incorporating meditation and mindfulness in client meetings for more positive outcomes,
  • 23:20 : The things she enjoy doing apart from practicing law including guitar and voice lessons and the therapeutic effects of pursuing these creative outlets,
  • 34:29 : Our discussion about breaking the mold by bringing in good energy and compassion to your cases, the dilemma between your personal ethics and the work that we are being asked to do,
  • 44:00 : Growing old and the experiences which come with it, enjoying every moment and being grateful for every breath, and ensuring that you never had regrets once you are in your deathbed, and
  • 48:34 : What being a resilient lawyer means to Grace.