x1VVin4ERPmJPBhiXTft__DSC0927Being a lawyer is hard. It can feel as though you’re the only one experiencing difficulty, unable to manage all the pressures of law practice. We’re paid to deliver the desired outcome. There is little or no room for error.

Despite all the challenges of law practice, we rarely think or talk about maintaining our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. 


Jeena offers one-on-one coaching and will work with you on meeting your needs in the following area:

    • You are experiencing overwhelming stress and/or anxiety and need someone who will listen with a sense of compassion.
    • You would like to develop positive coping mechanism and tools for managing and working with stress and/or anxiety.
    • You are experiencing interpersonal relationship difficulties. This may be with your boss, fellow associate, staff, clients, friends or romantic relationship.
    • You want to leave law practice. Jeena can help you explore your options and guide you in finding a career you truly love through series of exercises, including mindfulness.
    • You want to stay in law practice. Perhaps you enjoy being a lawyer but your current job just isn’t the right fit. Jeena can help navigate this to find meaningful, satisfying work that is right for you.
    • You feel stuck in your current situation and are interested in exploring options.
    • You feel hopelessness, discontent and would like to work on feeling good again.
    • Work on starting a mindfulness practice.

Jeena is a practicing lawyer and have been since 2003. Jeena is intimately familiar with the struggles of being a lawyer. She has struggled through her Social Anxiety Disorder and have successfully been able to overcome it. She has completed multiple training courses on mindfulness and compassion cultivation. She has taught mindfulness, career transition classes to lawyers and have worked one-on-one with attorneys.

Interested in working together? Schedule a 15-minute complimentary call.