[Book Club] Week 3


Week Three — Meditation: Following Your Thoughts

0.2 Hour (12 minutes)

Access additional Guided Meditation [Password: Mindfulness2016]


This week, we’ll explore the concept of clarity. Throughout the week, notice moments where you’re holding onto preconceptions that you are bringing to a situation. We can practice “metacognition” — the ability to observe our own thoughts and feelings. Are there habitual thoughts that are holding you back from seeing a situation with clarity?

Remember, this is a practice. Notice your mind’s tendency to want to do things “correctly” or “perfectly.” See if you can approach yourself with a bit of gentleness and friendliness.

This Week’s Reading

  • Week Two—Clarity (pg., 89 – 108)

You can order a copy of The Anxious Lawyer on Amazon.


Reminder! Upcoming Webinar

Week Eight: October 25, 11:00 – 12:00 PST/ 2:00 – 3:00 EST


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